Perception is reality


Token Genius. Some of you reading this may ask “What prompted the combination of those two words?” In addition to matching my initials (sort of) I saw it as a name to aspire to. It combined who I was perceived as and who I wanted to be.

Token referred to the “token Black guy” role I likely assumed when I moved  from Newark, NJ to central Jersey at about 6 years old.  Acquaintances pointed it out in high school. I was very much a sponge then, observing and absorbing but lacking a spine. Genius was and still is a lofty goal. The word has roots  meaning an innate ability or something present from birth. I identified more with the current definition- “an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity”- because I considered myself capable enough. I just had to find that thing close friends and family said they saw in me from a young age. Rapping helped me develop a spine to start speaking out.

The asterisk logo tied the two separate parts together. The way I saw it back in the summer of ’09, I left high school as a footnote in the history books. I felt I had to go into college and the working world being the exception to the rule.

So that’s the synopsis. I rap, I produce, I figure shit out as I go.


"In The Dark" Official Music Video