Searching The Signals
April 14, 2017
cover for TGFM EP
TGFM EP with DJ Riv
April 12, 2016

With artists having their own platform to play music via internet radio, I imagined the stuff I would want to hear on the radio. I brought Riv these songs and through this mix, he brought the concept to life.
The Pragmatic Playlist
The Pragmatic Playlist
June 21, 2014
Remixed from original release February 14, 2013

This was my second original full-length, and a personal project for my senior year of college. TPP is where I started to define my style.
Life on Hiatus mixtape artwork
Life On Hiatus mixtape
September 3, 2011

More introspective, trying different flows… take 2 for 2011.
GTFU artwork
February 26, 2011

My first original full-length project, with EVERYTHING done by yours truly.
And by what I was wearing on the cover, I should’ve followed the advice of the title, haha.
Outside The Boxes mixtape artwork
Outside The Boxes mixtape
June 20, 2010

Just rappin’ over some different styles for a summer tape, unified by the commentary and the focus on #bars. Most out-there cover I’ve made so far too.
first EP cover
It’s TEH-rin: The EP
August 2009

My first set of recordings, from the summer where it all began.