Reconnecting #3: I’m Thankful For…

I hope you had a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend to start the holiday season. If you worked in retail, I hope you didn’t see enough during the weekend to completely lose all faith in humanity. Also I have a new song for the #Reconnecting series.

The song for this month started with conversations with friends over the summer. I called a friend to vent about work wanting to get out any negative energy before a party she and her roommate were hosting the next night. Turns out we both felt the weight of our responsibilities bringing us down at the time. We were also both doing laundry ahead of the party. That’s what you call being simpatico. Anyway, after the call, I felt a little lighter and thought about the phrase “being talked down from the ledge”. Randomly I also heard “Off The Rip” by French Montana with Chinx (RIP) and N.O.R.E. in my head. Those two opposing thoughts formed the hook, which laid the foundation for the song.

Moments like that phone call remind me that I have people who can truly understand what I wrestle with internally. They also motivate me to express those struggles openly and work through them. So this holiday season, tell the important people in your life what they mean to you.


Reconnecting #2: Damn Life, You Scary

#Reconnecting, round 2. I’m back this month with a new song and a some words about it. I knew I wanted to release this month’s drop on Halloween. I wanted to switch things up from making every line #barz material. In the spirit of the holiday, I looked into my own personal fears. Money problems, lack of recognition and loneliness are topics that I know someone reading this can relate to. For the chorus I wanted to give the song some edge and confront those fears. I thought of the famous quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential inauguration:

“… let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself”

And that’s where the “phobophobia” part came into play. Phobophobia is defined as the fear of phobias and moreso the feelings associated with that phobia. So for the fears I listed earlier, I was stressing about situations that I had not yet faced on a major scale. Through writing this song I realized that I have these fears for the future because I expected to be more fulfilled in the present. My goal is to channel that anxiety about later into laser-focusing on now. Check out “Phobophobia” below!


Reconnecting #1: The Intro

So this begins my monthly series called Reconnecting. At the end of each month, I will be releasing a new song and a short post giving some insight to the song’s creation. I see it as a way to provide new content that extends the necessary attention span. Also, by knowing what inspired me to create something, you get a better idea of what I’m into.

My first work for this series is “Elimination”. I decided to go in the no-hook direction after seeing reports of Bhad Bhabie (of ‘Cash Me Outside‘ viral fame, for those unfamiliar) signing to Atlantic Records. I stopped for a moment and thought about how the barrier to entry in rap music and hip-hop culture had been torn down. Those of us that make and support the art have to re-estabish a standard for what it represents and who represents it. It has become old hat to blame the content on society, large corporations or the people they mold into Artists. This first series entry is my contribution to raising the bar, and it’s only a start. I made a conscientious decision…

For anyone wondering what’s going on with this “project”:

I’ve been mysterious about what it entails but for starters it’s a new full-length free album/mixtape/playlist/whatever. I started writing for it at the top of 2015. Mind you, I avoided releasing so much as a song that ENTIRE year. I took a break from it in the fall to start on TGFM. Over the course of making the songs and a few sessions with my friend DJ Riv I gained confirmation of what I already knew: I needed to collaborate more. Whether it was getting a second opinion on a verse or having to explain to someone else a concept I had in my head, I could only improve by getting outside perspectives.

After releasing the TGFM EP last spring, I went quiet. Life forced me to put the project on the back burner while I attempted to figure out my real career. Labor Day Weekend last year I started to find the mental and emotional benefit of putting pen to page again. As the current iteration of this “project” developed I came up with more ideas on how I wanted to present it- and who could help me execute the vision. Monday marks the first official day of spring and the mid-April deadline I’m shooting for is on the horizon. Once again, I feel the need to get other hands (voices/ears?) involved to fulfill the ideas I have in mind. It’s the longest homestretch and sometimes I feel destined/doomed to have to take on everything alone. But I refuse to put out something I know falls short of my expectations.

So for anyone wondering…it’s coming. Starting with artwork and title on Sunday. For the sake of my sanity, I cannot put this off any longer.


TGFM EP with DJ Riv


TGFM the EP has arrived. I originally had the idea to put out some songs for Labor Day Weekend but wanted to do something different. So I enlisted the help of my friend DJ Riv to make you feel like you were listening to a live mix on the radio. Over the course of a couple sessions, we took the songs I brought to Riv and transformed them into what you’ll be hearing now.  Click the cover to download and get your season started right!