Book Club (aka Doing Research for New Music Instead of Releasing It)

I read the above books last year to help inspire what you’ll be hearing from me this yearspring 2017 OOPS.

It all started with a course I took my senior year of college titled “Media/Design/Culture”. In this course students examined how different forms of commercial media developed from art. Some of the required reading came from the book in the far left column, The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore. It was from this book originally published in 1967 (!) that I started to understand how this stuff that I sat in front of daily affected me. McLuhan was spot-on in his belief that the technology used to present content would be as engaging as the content itself.

After revisiting some old course material, I was hungry for more. My search led me to a couple of books focusing on the internet. Breakpoint reassured me that quality will surpass quantity on the web just like in nature. Mind Change made me grateful that I still went to the library instead of reading from a screen. But TMITM set the tone. I’ve done enough consuming content, time to create it.


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