For anyone wondering what’s going on with this “project”:

I’ve been mysterious about what it entails but for starters it’s a new full-length free album/mixtape/playlist/whatever. I started writing for it at the top of 2015. Mind you, I avoided releasing so much as a song that ENTIRE year. I took a break from it in the fall to start on TGFM. Over the course of making the songs and a few sessions with my friend DJ Riv I gained confirmation of what I already knew: I needed to collaborate more. Whether it was getting a second opinion on a verse or having to explain to someone else a concept I had in my head, I could only improve by getting outside perspectives.

After releasing the TGFM EP last spring, I went quiet. Life forced me to put the project on the back burner while I attempted to figure out my real career. Labor Day Weekend last year I started to find the mental and emotional benefit of putting pen to page again. As the current iteration of this “project” developed I came up with more ideas on how I wanted to present it- and who could help me execute the vision. Monday marks the first official day of spring and the mid-April deadline I’m shooting for is on the horizon. Once again, I feel the need to get other hands (voices/ears?) involved to fulfill the ideas I have in mind. It’s the longest homestretch and sometimes I feel destined/doomed to have to take on everything alone. But I refuse to put out something I know falls short of my expectations.

So for anyone wondering…it’s coming. Starting with artwork and title on Sunday. For the sake of my sanity, I cannot put this off any longer.



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