“Great set, dude. No, seriously.”

Despite the volatile weather this month (to be expected in the Northeast, really) I got to see some great live performances. I probably should have taken pictures but my phone becomes a potato in low light. Anyway, the shows I went to were not for big names in bigger arenas. I spent the last three weekends supporting friends and seeing what other local acts are out there. I particularly looked forward to With Sails Ahead and TrapBang.

I have seen WSA grow from one person looking for members to a quintet packing out the room for its EP release. The band has been consistently playing out and traveling despite a gap between releases. And from getting to know its members, I can tell you that their successes have resulted from figuring out mistakes and adjusting the sails. That was wild corny, I’m sorry. My point is that With Sails Ahead has been my lesson in consistency and persistence.

Another aspect of local shows is the opportunity to connect with fellow creatives. In the case of TrapBang, I found their music through my friend Sierra (of With Sails Ahead) sharing their videos on social media. So when I saw them on the bill for a local rap show I had to see the crew live. Keeping in touch with local artists provided me a chance of my own to perform. Thanks to Mike Oregano, I did my first extended set last week. The atmosphere felt like a typical open mic but I took pride in being one of a select group of performers that night. This month reminded me to appreciate and take advantage of the local music scene.


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