Reconnecting #1: The Intro

So this begins my monthly series called Reconnecting. At the end of each month, I will be releasing a new song and a short post giving some insight to the song’s creation. I see it as a way to provide new content that extends the necessary attention span. Also, by knowing what inspired me to create something, you get a better idea of what I’m into.

My first work for this series is “Elimination”. I decided to go in the no-hook direction after seeing reports of Bhad Bhabie (of ‘Cash Me Outside‘ viral fame, for those unfamiliar) signing to Atlantic Records. I stopped for a moment and thought about how the barrier to entry in rap music and hip-hop culture had been torn down. Those of us that make and support the art have to re-estabish a standard for what it represents and who represents it. It has become old hat to blame the content on society, large corporations or the people they mold into Artists. This first series entry is my contribution to raising the bar, and it’s only a start. I made a conscientious decision…


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