Reconnecting #2: Damn Life, You Scary

#Reconnecting, round 2. I’m back this month with a new song and a some words about it. I knew I wanted to release this month’s drop on Halloween. I wanted to switch things up from making every line #barz material. In the spirit of the holiday, I looked into my own personal fears. Money problems, lack of recognition and loneliness are topics that I know someone reading this can relate to. For the chorus I wanted to give the song some edge and confront those fears. I thought of the famous quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidential inauguration:

“… let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself”

And that’s where the “phobophobia” part came into play. Phobophobia is defined as the fear of phobias and moreso the feelings associated with that phobia. So for the fears I listed earlier, I was stressing about situations that I had not yet faced on a major scale. Through writing this song I realized that I have these fears for the future because I expected to be more fulfilled in the present. My goal is to channel that anxiety about later into laser-focusing on now. Check out “Phobophobia” below!



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