Reconnecting #3: I’m Thankful For…

I hope you had a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend to start the holiday season. If you worked in retail, I hope you didn’t see enough during the weekend to completely lose all faith in humanity. Also I have a new song for the #Reconnecting series.

The song for this month started with conversations with friends over the summer. I called a friend to vent about work wanting to get out any negative energy before a party she and her roommate were hosting the next night. Turns out we both felt the weight of our responsibilities bringing us down at the time. We were also both doing laundry ahead of the party. That’s what you call being simpatico. Anyway, after the call, I felt a little lighter and thought about the phrase “being talked down from the ledge”. Randomly I also heard “Off The Rip” by French Montana with Chinx (RIP) and N.O.R.E. in my head. Those two opposing thoughts formed the hook, which laid the foundation for the song.

Moments like that phone call remind me that I have people who can truly understand what I wrestle with internally. They also motivate me to express those struggles openly and work through them. So this holiday season, tell the important people in your life what they mean to you.



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